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What Are The Causes of Colic and Is There a Cure?

Unfortunately, there is no single cause for colic and because of this, there is no single cure.

There seems to be two major theories about what causes colic.

Immature Nervous System
Over 90% of colicky babies would fall under this category either partially or fully. You baby can have a difficult time getting used to the huge amount of stimuli present in life outside of Mom's body. The reaction to all of this is to cry and cry.

Dr. Karp has extensively researched colic and crying in babies and has developed a VERY effective method for dealing with even the most colicky babies. The Happiest Baby on The Block method shows great promise to be an effective method to calm your baby and give you back some semblance of normal in your life.

Other things you can try are:

Movement and Vibration Related:
Feeding Related:
Medical Issues
Milk allergies and Reflux & Silent Reflux fall into this category. Only a small percentage of babies with colic have these issues. Formula changes or dietary changes in breast feeding moms can help with milk allergies and a visit to your doctor can determine if reflux is the cause your baby's screaming and provide medications or suggestions on how to relieve the reflux. If you have tried the common "cures" for calming your baby, you may want to visit our reflux message board to see if your baby is exhibiting symptoms which could point to reflux.

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