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Using Goat's Milk Formula for Your Baby

In the quest to do what is right for their baby, some parents turn to goat's milk formula as alternative to cow's milk formula. Though not used regularly in the United states, there is a historical use of goat's milk and is much more common in foreign countries.

The opinions on the use of goat's milk is varied, so the best bet is to consult your own doctor to discuss this move and to find as much informtion on this choice as possible. One thing that you will find when researching is that goat's milk if missing some vital vitamins necessary for healthy development of your baby. Keep in mind that these can be provided in as additional supplements for your baby.

Below you will find some internet resources that will help you learn more about using goat's milk as an alternative to cow's milk for your baby. At the time of writing this article, all the links below were valid. If you come across one that is no long valid or know of a resource not listed here, please email .

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Goat's Milk Baby Formula Recipe (located down the page)

One Mom's experience with colic and her successful use of goat's milk as an alternative nutrition source for her baby.

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