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What Is Gripe Water and How Does It Help Infant Colic?

If your baby is suffering from colic you have probably already figured out the mystery condition known as colic does not have one particular treatment that can cure it. Instead, there are many different treatments that might help the pain of colic and others that won't, but the effectiveness of different colic treatments will depend on your baby more than the actual product. However, there is one product that seems to work wonders for all colicky babies it encounters and that is gripe water. As soon as you try gripe water for the first time you might be amazed at how well it works and claim it is magic in a bottle. However, it is really just some water and herbs that together seem to make a remedy for colic that rivals all others.

The Europeans developed Gripe water and it has been famous on that continent for ages. Just recently has gripe water found its popularity in the United States, but as new parents find how well it works there will surely be a higher demand than there is now. When all the other remedies and medications don't provide the relief you baby needs then you can turn to gripe water. This magic potion is simply water mixed with herbs that just happened to make the intestines relax so baby can pass gas more readily and it soothes the stomach. The water is sterile and fortified with tummy calming herbs like catnip, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, ginger, and others. These herbs are available in herbal tea remedies that are frequently given to babies as well, however when Gripe water is used the results are just as good and you don't have to prepare any tea or wonder about the strength or if you are giving too much.

The herbs in gripe water work for baby colic because they are age old solutions for a tummy ache. They make the entire digestive system function better and fell better, too. Sometimes doctors prescribe antacids, gas meds, and reflux medications to help a baby's colic, but these are not always successful. On the other hand gripe water usually is because it relaxes the baby's digestive tract, the culprit in most colic cases.

When you try feeding your baby gripe water and it is refused, then mix it with your next formula bottle. Few babies can tell the difference in taste and will eat normally never realizing it is their best feeding because they won't have those feelings of gas and colic after eating. Breast feeding mothers having a hard time getting baby to try the Gripe water can try a dropping a spoonful in the baby's mouth and see if it will go down.

The main benefit of gripe water for treating colic, other than it works, is that it is homeopathic and completely natural. Frequently this remedy works wonders for colicky babies, but it won't be the magic pill for all babies. So, if it works for your little one that is great and if it doesn't you have eliminated one more remedy on your way to finding the treatment to help your baby's colic.

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