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Medications for Infant Reflux

Nobody wants to have a baby that suffers from reflux, however the truth of the matter is that most babies will at some point suffer from reflux and some babies will suffer significantly as to need medications. In this case you will first need to take your baby to the doctor in order to receive a diagnosis of reflux and then you and your doctor can discuss the available medications and which ones will best be suited for your baby. The following medications are simply an overview of what is available for this condition and how it is frequently treated. You should always discuss medications and treatments for reflux with your doctor, but between you and your pediatrician and trial and error a treatment that works for your baby will be found.

One type of medication used for infant reflux is antacids. Antacids do not treat the actual reflux but rather the symptoms. If your pediatrician approves antacids for your infant's acid reflux then you should know that they will work quickly and provide fast relief, however they will not last for too long, and your baby's symptoms will return. There are a variety of antacids used including Maalox, Gaviscon, Mylanta, and Milk of Magnesia.

Another medication typically used for infant reflux is acid blockers that work to block the acid in your baby's stomach and relieve symptoms of colic and reflux. Many parents who administer acid blockers to their babies find that they work fairly well. Some acid blockers include Zantac, Tagamet, Axid, Pepcid, and others. These are great because they keep acid from producing, well at least reduce the amount of acid produced, so baby feels more comfortable.

Proton pump inhibitors, which are medications that shut down the acid pumps in your baby's body, are also frequently prescribed and seem to work well. Brands that are usually given to babies with infant reflux include Losec, Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid.

Nobody likes the idea of giving their infant medications and most parents try lifestyle changes like burping more often, breastfeeding, and keeping baby calm and upright after feedings, many small meals instead of a couple large ones, and others. However, if lifestyle changes do not work for your baby's reflux then any of the above medications might be prescribed by your doctor. They work and might be just what you and your baby need to get some rest and enjoy life!

However, keep in mind that you absolutely must meet with your pediatrician to evaluate which medication will be best for your baby and treat your baby's symptoms best. No infant is the same and different medications work well for some infants and not at all for others. Never try and diagnose your baby with reflux on your own and give your baby any of the above medications without prior approval and dosing amounts and schedules from your doctor.

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