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How To Relieve Your Baby's Colic

Colic relief may seem like an oxymoron to you if you've been living with a colicky baby, but there are some things you can do to help your child. You might think that you've been trying everything, and perhaps you have, but sometimes the answer is so simple that you've totally overlooked it. Colicky babies are often inconsolable and oftentimes parents give up before they should because it's just so frustrating. But, you can find some relief for both you and your child right now.

The first thing you'll want to try is holding your child more during the day. It seems too simple, but many studies have shown that babies that are carried for at least three hours a day are less colicky. Of course, there are other studies that refute these findings, but it's worth a try. If you're worried about spoiling your baby with too much attention, remember that it's impossible to give a child under four or five months too much attention.

Respond to your baby's cries as soon as possible. This doesn't mean that it's unhealthy for a child to cry, because they do and they will, but the whole “cry it out” methods don't usually lead to less crying. In fact, when a baby has been suffering from colic crying may make it worse. When your baby cries, he or she usually swallows large amounts of air, which will just make pain in the stomach worse. Remember, responding too quickly to your young infant won't spoil him or her; instead you'll be working to eliminate the colic pain.

If you're smoking in the home, you should stop. Smoking in the home is often related to children that suffer from colic. If this is the cause of your child's colic, it can be a simple fix by just smoking outside, away from the child. Smoking is also related to many other issues in young children, so it's best to avoid smoking in the home at all. Think about it though, if simply smoking on the back porch will stop the pain and the crying, isn't it worth it?

Avoid milk products if you think your child's colic may be related to eating. Many children are lactose intolerant and simply switching their formula to a lactose free formula will stop the colic in its tracks. If you are breast-feeding, you might find that if you stop or limit the amount of milk products you eat will help your baby find some much needed relief. Another thing you can do is to feed your baby less but feed him or her more often. Babies that eat less food more often have much smoother digestive processes and this can help reduce the amount of pain associated with digestion.

Relieving your baby's colic will change both of your lives, so you should take every step possible to eliminate the pain. You might need to do a combination of things, give up things that you like to eat or do, but it'll be worth it when your baby starts smiling instead of crying. Remember that colic will pass!

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