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A condition that strikes up to 40% of newborns by the time they are 3 weeks old. Most of the time, the focus is placed on how to help the baby through the rough time with little emphasis on how to help the parents get through it all.

Below you will find some suggestions to help you survive the rough times.

  • Get earplugs! It sounds funny but prolonged screaming by a baby right next to your ear can be down right painful.

  • Get a walkman and a favorite tape to listen to while tending to your little screamer. A nice relaxing tape can help reduce the stress for mom or dad.

  • Take a shower. It helps to relax you AND drown out the sounds of your baby screaming.

  • Call a friend and complain and cry if you need to. Just being listened to will help you feel better.

  • Go for a walk - Fresh air and motion may put baby to sleep. It also helps you clear your mind and release stress.

  • Put baby in his bed or safe place and take a break for 10 minutes. Go have a cup of tea or coffee and try to relax. Your baby may continue to cry but s/he is safe.

  • Take advantage of offers by friends and family to watch your baby for you. Dinner out, away from the stress environment, will give you the breather you need.

  • Know that the crying is not a sign of "Bad Parenting". Some babies are just higher need. It is just a matter of luck that you were blessed with a "screamer".

  • Talk to others who are going through what you are. Knowing that you are not alone in this experience can help alleviate the feelings of isolation that colic can create. Interacting with other parents, who have been through it before or going through it now, will help you discover other tactics to deal with your baby. You WILL find a way to get through the rough times.

Repeat after me: "It does get better, it does get better, it does get better" I speak from experience when I tell you that really DOES get better. Just hang in there, you ARE doing a wonderful job, even though, at times, you don't feel that you are.

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