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How Does a Wedge Help With Babies With Reflux?

Babies that have acid reflux many times suffer from colic and cry and cry while parents are at their wit's end as to how they can help soothe their baby. It is not uncommon for babies to suffer from acid reflux with some studies showing that about 50% of all babies will experience reflux at some point during their first six months of life. So, if your baby has acid reflux what can you do to help? Fortunately, there are several options including herbal remedies, medications, and other products like a wedge to treat babies with reflux.

At this point you are likely wondering what a wedge is and how it might be able to help your baby. Basically, the wedge is a large piece of foam or other material that is shaped in a wedge and attaches to a bed or crib with a sheet or other system that supports the baby and allows him to sleep with his head elevated substantially. This might not make a lot of sense to you at the moment because you are wondering how sleeping in an elevated position will help your baby's reflux. The answer is that when your baby is sleeping in this position and spits up during the night it won't slide back down their throat and wake them up. Sleeping on a wedge does not cure your baby's reflux although it does help them to sleep better and cry less, which is very important.

These baby positioning systems work wonderfully for babies because the elevation helps their little systems work better, promotes sleep, and simply lessens the severity of symptoms associated with reflux, colic, ear infections, restlessness, flu, colds, and any other symptom that might be keeping your baby from getting a good night's rest. If your baby is crying all night long, sounds stuffy, vomits during the night, has gas, and simply cannot sleep then you should consider buying a wedge to see if it helps. Most people who use them say it is a godsend because finally their baby can sleep.

Also, babies can sleep on their side, their back, and even their stomachs. There are generally adjustable straps as well that keep the baby in the position for the duration of the night that have a quick release system for parents. So, if you have a baby who just can't seem to sleep or cries a lot due to colic or some other condition then consider buying a wedge and see if it helps, most likely it will and you and your baby can get some much needed rest.

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