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How Can Infant Massage Help Relieve Colic?

When your baby is suffering from colic you would do anything to understand why your baby is feeling so bad in order to help them feel better. However, there are few answers as to what causes colic so parents need to focus on helping their baby feel better even if they don't know exactly why the feel so bad in the first place. One option to helping your baby feel better is infant massage and you might be skeptical at first but after your baby has a few infant massage sessions you might be surprised in the difference it makes. If you never thought of massaging your baby or have never heard of infant massage now is the time to learn more so you can play an integral role in easing your baby's pain rather than simply listening to the crying.

You don't want to just start massaging your baby, though. Instead, buy a book on infant massage, talk to a certified infant massage chiropractor, or other resources that can give you information on how to properly perform infant massage. Classes on infant massage are also offered and good resources as well. You can find this type of information online also, but will want to make sure it is from a reliable source because massage can be harmful if performed incorrectly. As a result, you want to make sure you are properly massaging your infant in order to help release the gas pain and pressure and allow them to feel better and get some rest without causing harm to their tiny little frames.

There are a variety of reasons why infant massage is beneficial. First of all it relaxes your baby and helps calm them down. When babies are crying they can get even more excited and cry uncontrollably, but massage can help tone this down and calm the baby. The massage will also serve to relieve stress in both parents and baby and this will allow everyone to calm down and take the situation one hour at a time rather than getting too worked up and making the colic worse. Also, massaging your baby distracts them from the pains in their belly. This might not seem possible, but it really is. All you have to do is massage your baby tenderly and quietly and they will still be in pain, but not quite as much.

Another benefit to infant massage is it helps the baby's body help itself. In other words, when you are massaging your baby the gas is moved along and out of the intestines. When the gas is released the baby will feel instant relief. Many doctors believe the intestines of infants are kinked making it difficult to pass gas and keeping gas trapped in the belly causing pain and discomfort. But, when you massage your baby's belly and move their legs you can help them pass their gas and feel much better.

Babies simply love being massaged and feeling their parent's hands on their little bodies. As a result, massaging your baby will be truly enjoyed and it will reduce the chance your baby suffer from colic. The reason why is the more you hold and touch your baby the less likely he/she will develop colic. If by simply touching and rubbing your baby you can soothe them and reduce their chances of developing colic then you should do so. This might seem too easy, but it is certainly worth a try!

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