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Baby Fart Aerobics


And Other Natural Treatments for Colicky Babies

by Jini Patel Thompson

Renowned expert on natural healing for digestive system diseases - Jini Patel Thompson - shares the tried and tested techniques she used to heal her own son's colic. The core routine for loosening the pelvis/bowel and facilitating the passage of stool and gas (Baby Fart Aerobics), consists of three simple steps, combined with colonic massage. Jini will teach you this same routine to use with your baby, to relieve his/her pain and crying from colic.

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BABY FART AEROBICS can help relieve your baby's colicky symptoms.

Because, it was specifically written to address all 7 of these crucial areas:

  1. Performing the physical massage and pelvic loosening movements to relieve and release baby's trapped gas and stool.

  2. Examining what you may be eating that causes lots of gas for baby, or perhaps triggers allergies in your baby - Including a testing method and also a list of top offending foods.

  3. How to supplement your baby with top quality probiotics to ensure it has a healthy gut flora and thus is able to digest food properly and minimize gas production.

  4. Demonstrations of various burping methods and positions that help your baby to burp up the gas without barfing, or "spitting up" at the same time.

  5. If you have a baby that wakes up again every time you burp her. there is a special position you can have your baby lie in, that will help facilitate burping and farting whilst asleep - therefore you don't have to risk waking your baby.

  6. How to use a nice hot bath to relax even the most rigid bowel and give your baby instant relief. Yes, you can take even a 2 day old in the bath - The DVD demonstrates how.

  7. How to determine if your baby has a blockage or obstruction in their intestines, and how craniosacral therapy can easily, painlessly remove these - The DVD has a live demonstration with a craniosacral therapist.

Bonus: help for common postpartum problems like hair loss, rectal/anal fissures, and difficulty getting good nutrition during this stressful time.

All this and more in a friendly, easy-to understand manner. You'll be able to see very clearly how to hold and handle your own newborn with ease through the techniques, as Jini demonstrates everything on her newborn daughter, Zara.

A MUST-HAVE for every parent with a colicky baby. And a valuable resource for every parent of a newborn.

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