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Are Probiotics Better For Colic Than Medications?

When we think about colic, there are some important things to keep in mind. First of all, researchers aren't entirely certain what it is that causes colic. There is a strong body of evidence that seems to indicate that colic may have to do with a problem in the digestive system of the colicky baby. There are also indications, however, that colic can be caused by other things, such as overstimulation. For this reason, it has been difficult for science to produce any medications that can really help with colic. However, there are other treatments, such as probiotics, that seem to have had more success with colic than even certain medications.

Simethicone, for example, is one of the standard treatments used for colic in Europe. In controlled studies, babies with colic were actually helped much more by the probiotic L. reuteri Protectis than they were by simethicone. In fact, infants that used the L. reuteri Protectis antibiotic wound up crying an average of an hour and 34 minutes less per day during the study. While this obviously doesn't guarantee that probiotics are going to work better for every baby with colic than other medications, the results are compelling.

It is thought that probiotics like L. reuteri Protectis help with colic by helping your baby's digestive system. Probiotics help a baby's digestive system to do its job more effectively. Probiotics help the process of digestion. They help the absorption of nutrients. They help to synthesize vitamins. They help with the absorption of minerals. They help to break down carcinogens in the diet. They help the development and the functioning of the immune system. They even help to form a barrier that acts against harmful bacteria, as well as toxins and antigens. Finally, probiotics are thought to help to protect the body against infections of a variety of types. In all of these ways, probiotics have helped babies with colic.

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